Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cutest Ring Bearer EVER!!!

Kolby's brother got married this past weekend. Kolby was a groomsman and Karson was the ringbearer. The weekend was very busy with us. Friday evening we had the rehearsal dinner.

Saturday we got up early and went to help decorate and then at 2:00 Kolby's Mom and her siblings threw a surprise party for Kolby's Grandpa's 80th BDAY! Here is a picture of 4 Generations!

Here is our most current family pic! I LOVE IT!!!!
This is the best picture of Karson being pulled down the aisle. I hope I can get a better one from the photographer. He did SO good we were very proud of him. He just sat there, ate his snacks, and looked super cute!
Kolby and me before the ceremony.
This is a picture of Rocky and Carol and all their kids.
And on Sunday we went to Kolby's Gramma C's for lunch. Karson got to play with his cousin Whitaker. He is 3 months old. It was the first time that Karson had been around a baby smaller than him.

It was a very busy weekend for us and Karson was dragged one place after another. And as usual he was the best baby. Kolby and I are so lucky to have such a great boy!

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  1. My picture didn't turn out any better of him going down the aisle, I hope the photographer got several.